[links.]    (more links on my personal page)

[labs i've been to.]

  UI Research Group (U of Tokyo)
  imager (UBC)
  GRIS (TU darmstadt)
  DGM (TU darmstadt)
  CGL (ETH zurich)
  Tel Aviv University

[texture synthesis.]

  wei/levoy texture synthesis
  efros' texture synthesis page
  patch-based texture synthesis   rupert paget's texture links
  ashikhmin texture synthesis
  simoncelli texture synthesis

[image processing.]

  CVIP tools

[geometric modeling.]

  GNU triangulated surface library
  stripe (polygonal stripifier)


  assoc. for computing machinery
  ACM siggraph
  game developers assoc. (igda)

[general graphics.]

  real time rendering
  ken perlin's homepage
  charles bloom reatime 3d
  paul bourke's resources
  the demo scene (impressive!)
  geometric tools (dave eberly)
  nvidia developer pages
  ati developer pages

[tiles and texture.]

  simulated decorative mosaics

[computational geometry.]

  CG pages
  CG algorithms library
  nearest neighbors (ANN)

[physically based modeling.]

  pixar research
  jos stam (Alias|Wavefront)
  doug james (pbm course)

[useful things.]

  fast fourier transform lib
  iterative template library
  matrix template library
  numerical recipes online

[coding videogames.]

  gamedeveloper magazine

[collision detection.]

  team gamma (at UNC)

[general programming.]

  dr. dobbs journal
  algorithm dictionary
  extreme programming
  software refactoring
  STL programmers guide